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I came across this videos online and thought it was worth sharing. I thought this videos stood out because it has some rather Travel photographer tips. The Travel photographer tips video does not mention the rule of thirds and all of your typical tips. Instead, it dives into some more out of the box suggestions to improve lifestyle and Architectural photography. If you are interested in some more conventional travel photography tips to be sure to check out my recent blog post by Master photographer Steve McCurry.

Some things to consider

Use duck tape to make your camera look very unattractive to thieves. Thieves usually sell their steal in the secondary market, and if your camera is something they cannot make a good profit from, it will reduce the chances that they might single you out to steal it.
Take a picture of your business card in the event you lose it, and somebody decent will find it. Have some faith in people; they sometimes come through.

Use a strap to secure the camera and tripod while traveling and then use the tripod almost as a monopod to capture different and unique angles.
The tripod also comes in handy if you want to get travel photography images with no people in it using a photoshop trick.
Use a go-pro camera and use it to capture different angles.
Don’t be lazy and get up early to take advantage of the best light. Chances for great light in travel photography might only come once in a lifetime.
Use multiple backup systems such as drives and never store them in one location.

Might find some inspiration in one or two of these tips. Let me know which one you like the best.

In my opinion, you should consider using the best camera on the market for travel and Architectural photography. I suggest reading my blog post on it.

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