Wildlife Photography Tips

Wildlife Photography Tips

There is something special about wildlife photography tips videos that include a countdown. Also,there seem to be less and less professional wildlife photographers. This is, in my view, due to the growing number of available images on the internet which has caused them to be in less demand from the publications. I hope I’m wrong on this matter and welcome anybody to correct me if they feel I’m wrong.

Even if wildlife is not your primary specialty there will always be opportunities for photographers to photograph wildlife. If you are a travel photographer or a hotel and resort photographer like myself there might be opportunities to throw one or two of these images into the mix. It definitely does not hurt to know what you are doing and these 10 wildlife photography tips will come in handy.

A few of these wildlife photography tips pop out as great and are worth highlighting.

  • Wake up early and photograph. I am not aware of any award-winning nature or landscape image was taken at noon (Especially when there are no clouds blocking the sun)
  • Do not ignore composition rule including the rule of thirds and color. What distracting highlights that can be corrected by simply shifting the camera a little bit.
  • Do not be lazy and drop to your knees to make sure the images are taken at eye level.
  • Much like wedding or event photographers, wildlife photographers learn to anticipate the moment and don’t spend much time following the animal and end up with a bunch of images of the animals behind or walking away. The best wildlife photography tips I can get from this video is to take images of animals walking towards you.

Hope these wildlife photography tips are helpful.

Hope you follow at least the first three of them and you will see  improvements

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