Modern professional headshots

Modern professional photographer headshots

I have always believed that regardless of which photography field you are in, any professional photographer should be able to take a decent portrait or at least some professional headshots. I believe it is the one thing all photographers should have in common whether you specialize in lifestyle or food photography.

Phlearn is one of many great resources available today that I wish I had available when I has learning.

I believe the second video, that discusses retouching is much more complete than the first video that discusses working with the camera and model. I love, however, the spin that you could do all o this under 50 dollars. That is of course if you already own a camera.

One thing Aaron forgot to point out, as I am sure he is fully aware, is that when working with this type of fluorescent lightning you cannot set your shutter speed higher than 1/120 sec. Otherwise there will be a high degree of inconsistency between the each light and also between different images due to the frequency of the flickering the eye cannot see. To be safe, I wouldn’t set my shutter higher than  1/80 sec. Therefore, if you are using fluorescent lighting without anti-flickering, be sure to use 85mm lenses or wider. this way setting the shutter speed lower than 1/80 sec should be acceptable.

One of the best studios for headshots is wow photo studios down in Miami

Have fun producing your own professional headshots

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