Interesting five star dining experience

Interesting five star dining experience!

If you are travel to Canada make sure you stop by Signs in order to get a five star dining experience like no other. This is a new interesting restaurant in Toronto that exclusively employes deaf people and forces clients to communicate via sign language. The hand language is described on the menu next to the food items. Even the manager admits that in terms of a business idea it is a terrible one, even for five star dinning.

In fact it is so terrible that has caught the attention of many customers that want to support the disabled comunity. The food is so good peopel seem to come back.

I personally hope more restaurants like these come around. However, I’m guessing the cost of training and Maintaining new employess is exponentially high and I have my doubts on the longevity of the business.

If you wish to lear how to photograph your food next time you are at a five star restaurant, please click on my food photography blog post to learn how.


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