Basic but cool food photography tips

Simple food photography tips

We eat together has done a great job with their blog and a great job of putting together this video. I like this tutorial because it is focused on composition while keeping the lighting nice and simple. I have noticed there are a million food bloggers. The quality of the images vary from very good to very poor and since photography is a never-ending learning process, the more info you are exposed to the better your images will be.  Please watch these very simple food photography tips to improve the overall quality of your blog.

The point out something very true at the beginning of the video. The most important food photography tip is “The technique should be invisible”. If I am distracted by the technique the attention is taken from the food making it a less powerful image.

The second of these series on food photography tips is a close second in importance. That is “use a camera tripod”. Use it to lock down an angle of view and begin to work on an angle of view and start styling to that angle. Otherwise, every time you take a picture the focus will be different, the styling will be different and the composition will be different.

Using the rule of thirds is also one of the most important food photography tips. arranging the elements in a composition to match the eyes point of interest. Make sure the hero plate is located in one of these points. These points must be used as a guide as it helps dictate the direction the eyes normally travel to when you first see the image.

The photographer is using a 1 stop diffuser next to a window as its main light source. This is something you can get at any camera store and shouldn’t be more than 70 dollars.

If you have difficulty understanding the rule of thirds please read my other blog posts on photography tips.



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