TreeHotel Sweden; the Perfect Place for Your Next Weekend Getaway

Have you been searching everywhere for “Unique hotels near me”? Then, this post on the Treehotel Sweden is for you.

There are many ways you can make your next vacation a special one for you and your family. One of such is by staying in a treehouse. Nothing will be more thrilling than spending the night in the treetops. It provides a unique experience of a lovely getaway mixed with adventure and magic.

If you have been wondering where to stay in a treehouse or asking “where are unique hotels near me”, then the TreeHotel Sweden is just the perfect choice for you. Whether you just want to get away from the stresses and demands of everyday life or celebrating an anniversary, this amazing hotel provides a unique and new way to enjoy your holiday.

With exceptional architecture and extraordinary views of Northern Sweden, the Treehotel Sweden provides everything you need to make your next vacation a truly memorable one while still enjoying the comfort of a great vacation rental. From the Mirrorcube to the tree cabin and the UFO, you can be sure this is a perfect place to surprise your loved ones with a romantic treehouse getaway.

Many people have been blessed with a wonderful experience staying at this hotel, and if you are still not sure if it is a place for you too, here are some points to help you make a decision.

Why You Should Choose TreeHotel Sweden for Your Next Vacation

treehotel Sweden

©Johan Jansson – Photos courtesy of Treehotel

#1: Experience an Excellent Mix of Nature and Imagination

Whether you just want to wind down in nature, looking for an adventure, or just want to have a relaxing break, TreeHotel Sweden is there to provide you a unique hotel experience with a fine mix of nature and imagination. Nothing beats staying in the wild to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere provided by tall trees in the pine forest of Northern Sweden.

The hotel offers a great getaway from the busy everyday life, and help you enjoy a serene and rejuvenating unspoiled nature in the most unique and memorable way you can imagine.

#2: Enjoy an Array of Seasonal Packages

unique hotels near me

©Johan Jansson – Photos courtesy of Treehotel

It doesn’t matter what the season or your needs are, you are sure to get the best from TreeHotel Sweden. There are a wide variety of amazing packages that will perfectly meet your needs and expectations. Whether you are looking to have some good time of adventure exploring nature, or just looking for tranquility and a time for reflection. TreeHotel Sweden has just the perfect package for you to enjoy the charm of the North. Some of the amazing packages you stand to enjoy at TreeHotell include the Western horse riding, tree sauna, skiing on forest skis, ice fishing, forest hike, sea kayaking, snowmobile safari, and lots more. That means from the hot summer to the cold winter, there are lots of activities lined up to capture the time of the year and make you have the best experience away from home.

#3: Amazing designs and architectural concepts

unique hotels near me

©Johan Jansson – Photos courtesy of Treehotel

Of course, no one ever has “boring” in mind when designing a treehouse. However, the architectural design of the TreeHotel is exceptionally amazing. With great facilities included in each of the treehouses, the hotel really makes sure you have the best experience with nature in the hotel. So you can call it the best choice when looking for unique hotels near me. Some of TreeHotel structures include:

  • A Mirrorcube: this provides excellent accommodation for two guests, perfect for a new couple looking to have a private time with themselves. It is a beautiful hide-out among the trees surrounded by mirror walls to reflect the surroundings and give it a perfect camouflage in the wild nature. It contains a double bed, a toilet, and seating where two love birds can have a nice and quiet time together on the treetop.
  • A Cabin: this amazing structure is a lovely treetop room everyone will love to behold. It is a perfect mimic of a high platform on a sharp hillside overlooking the rumbling Lule River valley. There is a horizontal bridge among the trees which serve as a means of reaching the cabin. Anyone looking for a comfortable space in the trees will love the idea behind this architectural design.
  • Bird’s Nest: have you ever imagine what life will look like leaving inside a bird’s nest? Well, this TreehHotel structure provides an excellent experience of such. It looks just like a bird’s nest from the outside while the inside offers just as much comfort and luxury you will love to have in your getaway.
  • The UFO: this is one of the structures many people want to see when they are looking for “unique hotels near me”, and that’s what TreeHotel has provided. Designed for a larger group of people – up to five people, it becomes a perfect vacation center for the family. The UFO is designed to be the most unexpected thing you can encounter in the forest, and that’s exactly what it is. Is looks so much like a bird’s nest with a really unique architectural design.
  • The Blue Cone: both in terms of material and design, the Blue cone house is a perfect expression of accessibility and simplicity. The room is a traditional wooden structure with three solid foundations in the ground to give a sense of height and lightness, but also stability.


#4: Enjoy Tasty Local Swedish Delicacies

©Johan Jansson – Photos courtesy of Treehotel

©Johan Jansson – Photos courtesy of Treehotel

©Johan Jansson – Photos courtesy of Treehotel

Great architectural designs and serene environment is not the only thing that makes TreeHotel Sweden a perfect choice for most people searching for “unique hotels near me”. They’ve also got the ability to take your taste bud on a journey you will live to remember forever. They offer all kinds of local Swedish delicacies – whether it is wild game or the finest northern finest hand-picked berries.

You will only enjoy a nice getaway from the various stresses of life in these lovely treehouses but you will also enjoy the highest quality food of the current season while also enjoying the creative simplicity buried in local produce.

Their chefs have got wonderful dishes on their menu to satisfy your desire for the rest of your stay in the hotel and you can also request a personalized meal tailored to your dining needs. There is no better way to enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones like having your special dishes made for you.

You will not only get to taste the wildly nourishing ingredients, but you will also get the chance to learn the inspiring story behind each local dish, including the secret locations where those finest berries were picked.

©Johan Jansson – Photos courtesy of Treehotel

Looking for Unique Hotels near Me?

If you have been looking everywhere for a unique hotel to spend your next vacation or holiday? TreeHotel Sweeden is just the perfect place for you. With its amazing architectural designs and serene environment, you can be sure of having the best time alone or together with your loved ones. Planning your honeymoon soon? You will love to spend the first days of your marriage at the bird’s nest on the pine treetops of TreeHotel.

If what you want is a location that offers a perfect mix of nature and imagination while also giving your taste bud the best pamper it deserves, the TreeHotel is definitely your best bet!

Every year, Antonio Cuellar is a judge for the Luxury Travel Guide International awards. Antonio had no hesitation in nominating the Treehotel Sweden for the European category of these awards.

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