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Castle Hotel Photography

I want to share with you the unique experience of photographing the amazing, breathtaking Lough Cutra Castle, which is one of the most remarkable locations in Ireland. Castle hotel photography is one of my specialties. It may seem like castle hotel photography of photographing castles would be the same as photographing any boutique hotels. Although it has many similarities they have their own unique challenges.


While the pictures alone can speak for themselves, I wish to confirm and share the feelings this beautiful location transmits, and the way in which it makes you feel.Lough_Cutra_Castle_10

A Fairytale Location


Lough Cutra Castle Hotel is located in beautiful Western Ireland, in a stunning setting that was fascinating to me and my camera as well. It was sheer pleasure photographing this magnificent place. Not only is the setting utterly beautiful, but the castle is the source of many interesting stories. As a matter of fact, the area holds sheer historical evidence of the presence of Celtic people, from 866 AD.

The castle is the perfect spot for those in search of escaping the run-of-the-mill routine, and those who wish to enter an equally new and old world. It genuinely feels as if you have literally turned back time, and you’ve entered a different century. And in a way, that is true. It’s a feeling difficult to describe, but you can see for yourself the awesomeness of this place in the pictures I’ve taken there.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography for Lough Cutra Castle

The castle is the private residence of the Gwyn-Jones family, dating for over 200 years. Focusing on maintaining the earlier character of the place was a top priority for the owners of the castle. Being built during the Gothic revival times, it was designed by the talented John Nash, whose unique and distinguished architectural style contributes to the magnitude of the castle. The stunning style combined with the privacy offered by the secluded setting of the castle certainly adds up to the charm of the place.

Special Guests


Interior Photography

Having its private lake, extending on 1000 acre, the beauty of the site is certainly maximized, making Lough Cutra Castle a top location for the most exquisite guests. As a matter of fact, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall chose Lough Cutra Castle for their stay in Ireland in 2015 and were absolutely delighted with the equally relaxed and royal feel of the place, which came as no surprise to me.

An Ideal Location for Events


Encompassing nine bedrooms, which are furnished beautifully and in an exquisite style, the castle hosts a variety of events ranging from weddings and music festivals to private parties for guests who are in search of experiencing the unique feel the place has to offer. Additionally, the service also counts for the charm of the site, as the staff concentrates on providing guests with a unique experience at Lough Cutra Castle Hotel. Every visit is designed to the preference of every individual guest, which guarantees a unique stay in this beautiful castle. Plus, exclusive privacy adds up as a bonus.

Three courtyard houses are also available for rental, every one of them being attentively and uniquely furnished.
The rooms inside the castle are beautifully arranged, having a unique character, and providing 5-star comfort for all guests who come here. Visiting this place will certainly make you want to come back, as it surely had that impact on me.

Interesting Activities


Another great thing about Castle Hotel Photography in shooting guests while enjoing a wide range of attractive activities during their stay, including fishing, kayaking, whiskey tasting, clay pigeon shooting, hiking and others. There’s something to suit every guest’s taste for sure. For me, it was soaking in the beauty of the place by photographing every single inch of it.

I believe that, with the assistance of these pictures, I have managed to capture your attention. Lough Cutra Castle is an exceptional setting; one of the rarest Ireland has to offer. The entire world feels different from this spot, so it makes the perfect location for memorable photographs that will capture the most important events in your life: a wedding, a birthday party, a proposal, etc. You shouldn’t miss it!

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