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Very Cool Travel Photography Video created by a collection of images from the 500px Community.

Once again I am running into something that is definitely worth sharing. 500px is a community and marketplace for photographers. They have put together a Travel Photography video of their best travel photos. I was very impressed and inspired by most of these images that were taken around the globe. To be quite honest, I heard about 500px when it first started and I have to say the quality of images have skyrocketed. Most of it is due to their amazing platform that even allows photographers to sell their images without a middleman. Nowadays most professional photographers are a part or should become a part of 500px. It seems to be extremely popular with Travel Photography.

The video was also tastefully put together. Having put together some of these myself, I can tell you that this is no easy task. The tempo of the slides varies between among the slides they were very successful at capturing the right mood. Travel Photography is definitely one of the most popular genres on the site and has great photographers such as Elia Locardi who recently published a travel photography video in collaboration with Fstoppers and I highly recommend it.

Definitely very inspiring and I highly suggest photographers join this community in order to start sharing their creativity. You never know, you might even become popular and decide to make a career change and become a full-time professional photographer.

For additional tips on how to improve or even make a travel photography video more interesting please visit my light trail photography blog post

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