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iphone camera hacks for every smartphone

I did wanted to take a break and share this very insightful and creative video that contains iphone camera hacks. I am not sure that all 8 of the tips will work but definitely worth the try.

The first iphone camera hacks is the balloon. This trick seems to me a bit of a gamble and very unpredictable. One will have no control of the direction the phone is facing therefore you have no control over the outcome. The results shown in the example are very unrealistic. The resemble a very symmetrical shot that a professional architectural photographer will take. If I may add my own iphone camera hacks I may suggest that you use several smaller balloons as opposed to one, very hard to get balloon. This way you can also prevent your phone from damage in case the balloon explodes.

The most useful tip from this iphone camera hacks list is the sunglass trick. This is a trick I will start using right away. The trick is most useful when you have gradual density sunglasses. This means that the glasses will be darker at the top than on the bottom. This will create a very cool effect in the sky and could replace a $200 filter you buy for DSLR cameras.

Some of this iphone camera hacks seem to be a little dated and burn. Tips such a s the framing trick have already been used to death by wedding photographers and I cannot stand to see one more of them.

The tiny planet app I’m downloading right this second and cannot wait to see what I do with it. Seems to be very cool. The selfie inception looks cool to. Not sure how many times I can take a selfie with different faces. Seems like it will get old fast.

The high key exposure trick is nice but seems a bit unnecessary as the iPhone has a built in exposure control. Not sure If I am missing something on this particular one. Em I?

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