Luxury Resort Photographer & Hotel Photographer

Antonio Cuellar is a highly sought after resort photographer and hotel photographer whose assignments take him across the globe. He has a passion for his craft and his ability to capture the Architecture of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Antonio is a world-class hospitality photographer, and furthermore a master Architectural photographer and interiors photographer.

As a result of all his achievement as a hotel photographer, LTG selected him as a guest judge. Consequently, he currently acts as a resort photographer judge alongside two other travel channel TV hosts. All these thanks to his legendary eye for detail, reputation throughout the industry and passion for the most beautiful luxury. Antonio’s genuine love for these fantastic properties combined with his technical expertise ensures images that take the viewer into unique worlds of luxury and sophistication. Antonio is also a fully insured and licensed aerial photographer and he has the ability operate a drone anywhere in the USA. This allows him to offer complete resort photography and hotel photography packages.
In recent years Luxury Hoteliers Magazine wrote an article that described Antonio as a top Resort Photographer.

Antonio has offices in the London, UK and Miami USA and travels extensively with his ongoing assignments worldwide.

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