Hotel renovation video Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock in Orlando recently went through a full hotel renovation of their 650 room. Although for some reason they prefer the word remaster over hotel renovation. In the video, you will get a chance to see how the rooms used to look and the transformation they went through.

Bellow is the official description of the decor and their inspiration for this hotel renovation project.

“Rock fashion inspired the patterned headboard in the bedroom and the tufted wall covering at the vanity. The etched mirror at the headboard features an oversized peace symbol, while the wall mirror features the heights of famous musicians, offering guests of all ages the chance to see which celebrity is their same height.

The artwork in the new rooms takes literal components of music such as drumsticks and speakers and turns them into multi-colored graphic expressions in the space. The contrast of subtle retro nods and modern execution creates a space that is relevant, inspired and fun. Accents of hot raspberry are used in the corridors while the guest rooms feature a palette of cool gray and light cream with pops of color.”

I look forward to vistió this property after the hotel renovation and maybe even doing some interior design photography of their new rooms.

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