5 Top Hotel Promotional Video Ideas for Your Hotel

Have you been struggling to come up with the best hotel promotional video ideas that will help captivate the attention of your customers? Here are some creative and effective ideas to help.

Recently, social media has been one of the major channels of marketing for every hotelier. More and more hotel marketers are using the medium to earn more customers and increase revenue.

But the only challenge with this is coming up with interesting content ideas that interest your customers. If you are looking to have your post get more than just like but convert your audience to visitors in your hotel, you might need to go by the way of videos.

People now view videos on social media more than any other form of content. Videos generate more ROI and help bring in more traffic to your website. Therefore, it might just be the best time for you to start considering creating video content on your social channels.

If you are not sure of where to start, here are some creative hotel promotional video ideas to try.


Top 5 Hotel promotional video ideas to try

#1: Make an introductory video of your hotel; who you are and what you do

This is a nice video idea to let your prospective visitors know what to expect from your hotel. Do a 30 seconds video highlighting the overall characteristic of your brand. Show them what the size of your hotel is, the facilities on ground, staff culture, and location. All these included in one single video has a way of increasing awareness for your hotel and help convert prospects into full-time visitors.

#2: Make some “thank you” videos

The main aim of this type of video is simple; you want to show your visitors and customers that you really care. Guest love to see what’s behind the scenes of their favorite hotel, restaurant, or bar because that helps them validate your authenticity.

So, create a quick and simple video with your staff members saying “Thank you.” You will be surprised how well that will help create positive feelings around your brand. Also, this communicates the attitude and passion of your team members, therefore, telling your customers they can expect the best service from your hotel.

#3: Create short testimonial and interviews

This is also one of the most important hotel promotional video ideas you can ever think of. The idea taps into the great potential of influencers. You may not need to feature a famous actor or footballer in your testimonials. You can make use of your normal customers or some local food bloggers. A travel blogger will also do wonder for your hotel testimonial.

Get people that have some deep love for your hotel and ask them what they love about the business and why they have chosen you above all others. These people can help you influence their friends and communities because they actually trusted their judgment. So their comments will be going a long way to help boost your brand and increase sales.

#4: Convert your blog posts into videos

Do you have a blog attached to your hotel where you regularly post good content? That may be used as a great video idea to convert more customers. For instance, if you write about food recipes on your blog, why not make a short video highlighting the steps to do them? This will not only double your content production but will be helping you engage more readers. You can now agree that’s a welcome idea on this list of top 5 hotel promotional video ideas to try.

#5: Record your event

The last on this list of the top 5 hotel promotional video ideas to try is recording your events. Are you hosting some events in your hotel or in your community? It will be a great idea to use videos to double your reach. For example, if you are organizing a wine tasting event, you could also record a short video of the event showing how nice the event is and what your guests should expect.

That will not only help you reach more people but will also be creating some sort of curiosity around the event and your hotel in particular. The guests will be better informed and be ready to take action and book a room to be part of the event going to happen in your community.


Final Thought

With these hotel promotional video ideas, it’s obvious you cannot run out of fun and interesting video content for your hotel. Remember your hotel should make hospitality a priority, so let that show in any video you create for the business.


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