Influencer Marketing: Smart Tips to Hire Instagram Influencers for Your Hotel

Influencer Marketing: Smart Tips to Hire Instagram Influencers for Your Hotel

No doubt, Instagram is one of the leading social medial platforms hoteliers use in their social media marketing campaign. The platform has brought huge success to many hotels, especially now that we have influencer marketing.

The influencers are the kings of social media. With an action as simple as writing an opinion in 150 characters or sharing a photo of your business, they can recommend your hotels to thousands of potential clients. And also doing that in the best way possible. If you are thinking of collaborating and attracting influencers to your hotel, pay attention to the following tips.

If you work in the hospitality sector, whether in a hotel or any other type of leisure establishment, at some point you will have to consider collaborating with influencers. This is a good way, not only to increase your visibility but also to get closer to those segments of your target audience that would otherwise be inaccessible. In this post are some tips to help you when considering hiring or attracting a prominent figure for influencer marketing.


Let’s Start By Understanding the Difference between Influencer and Celebrity

In the history of advertising, celebrities have always been a “holy grail” for brands. First, because of their great reach, due to the number of followers who come with them. And secondly, because they were seen as opinion leaders on all issues that surrounded his name, worthy of emulating all the customs of his daily life.

But over the years as advertising begins to increase in all media, the consumer also became, consciously or unconsciously, an expert student of advertising, and learned to process it. They understood that celebrities marry many brands and constantly change their minds.

In the late nineties, the use of celebrities reached its peak and people began to distrust. In addition, the advent of social networks interfered in the domain of the mass media in the way we consume content. Then other people appeared, less famous but more reliable, who earned a place in people’s minds, these are the influencers and some have even become celebrities on their own.


What Makes An Influencer?

Before discussing how to find or hire influencers for your brand, it is important to know what makes them influencers. According to Penny Baldwin, former CMO of McAfee, “80% of Internet impressions are in the hands of 6% of users”. The question is, what is special about that small percentage that stands out?

#1: They are their own brand

They have managed to evolve to convert their name or personal pseudonym into a brand, they know how to position themselves and the product they offer is the content they generate. They are not the type of profile that only shares information but they are creators and do not stop communicating.

#2: Create a community

In addition to having amassed a large number of followers, they take care of their audience and know who they are targeting. For them, and for brands interested in working together, the quality of the followers prevails over the quantity. They are “curators” of their audience, they interact with them and participate in their conversations, and they do everything they can to maintain a relationship with them.

#3: They are versatile

Because they are people, not companies, machines or corporations. This is what allows them to identify and interact with other people. An influencer must be versatile enough to talk about various topics, despite having an obvious area of ​​expertise and finding meeting points with other influencers and brands

#4: They generate opinions

They have their own opinions, influence those of their followers and invite them to share them on the networks. If you are looking for strategic information on a specific topic, influencers and their followers are a great source.


Influencer Marketing Tips To Hire or Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Consider Having a Community That Aligns with Your Goals

Imagine that your target guests are over 30 years old and appreciate the tranquility. You are at the end of June and the reservation forecasts for August are not ideal. So you need a plan, you need an influencer. You put yourself in the hands of a well-known Instagram figure with an immense community, and then invite him to spend a weekend. He makes an amazing video that his fans love and in less than 3 days you already have 100% full August. Your action has been a success!

… or not.

Although the influencer did a great job and you managed to fill the hotel, you did it by attracting an audience that didn’t interest you: young people wanting to party. Your target clientele is forced to suffer the worst vacations of their life. And the list of negative opinions on TripAdvisor grows so long that you are going to have to hire another Community Manager. Moral:  research your influencer’s community.

Before you hire any Instagram influencer to help market your hotel, it is best you first consider what community the influencer serves. That is the first rule in influencer marketing. If you don’t pay enough attention to this, you may end up attracting the wrong audience which may, in the end, do more damage than good.

Make Them Feel At Home … Or Even Better!

You strive daily to please your guests, right? then why not try a little harder to delight the person who will recommend?

When the influencer arrives at the hotel, take your time to show it to him, let him know the facilities and introduce him to your teammates. Give him the freedom to ask and show him places that may not be accessible to other customers. That is clear that you are available to meet all your needs.

You can draw up a plan and coordinate with the rest of your team. Try to make his stay unforgettable. After all, if you are going to convey your experience, we will try to make it the best possible.

And above all, do your homework: the great secret to please a person is to know their tastes, and luckily, the influencers leave a great trace on their personal desires on their Instagram pages. Be a great researcher and take advantage of this free information to make him fall in love.

Tell Him What You Expect, But Respect Proposals

This is another important rule in influencer marketing which you must always remember. It doesn’t matter if you pay him or if you invite him to an event, the influencer must know that he is there to perform an action. First of all, when you are willing to collaborate with influencers in a hotel, respect must prevail. So give him the freedom to decide which approach to your product will be the most appropriate for his community.

Be aware that the influencer has worked very hard to create his brand and forge ties with his followers, so understand that they must maintain a reputation and may not be willing to do anything.

And another thing, also indicate what you don’t want him to do or what treatment is not suitable for your brand, because respect works bidirectionally, doesn’t it?

Be honest

You and I know the reality of a full hotel in the middle of the season. Although you bet on excellence, something can always fail and normally, it is due to causes beyond our control. If something fails or there is any detail that bothers an influencer, it is better to be honest and not drain the lump. We already know that one of the dangers of social networks is the so-called “Streisand Effect“, so avoid it at all costs. Don’t let it ruin your influencer marketing plans and strategies.

If, for whatever reason, your influencer’s stay is not pleasant, offer him some incentive to change his mind. And no, I’m not talking about blackmailing him with a bag full of money, it must be something that he will really enjoy, that makes him forget the bad drink and allows reconciliation with your brand.

Bottom Line

Influencers contribute a great quota in social media marketing for hotels and other sectors of the hospitality industry. However, when hiring an Instagram influencer as part of your influencer marketing strategy. It is good you consider some factors so you will be getting the best from your action.

This post has highlighted some of these factors. And when next you are considering hiring an influencer for your hotel, check it again. You will be doing yourself a lot of good by doing that.


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