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The Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai is located in the heart of this famous modern city. Dubai brings to mind a million different images. It is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates so one always imagines a vital, bustling and thriving metropolis. It is also a city known for its unprecedented luxury so another image that immediately springs to mind is that of shopping malls more akin to theme parks offering everything under the desert sun that money can buy. Dubai is also known for its ultra-modern architecture that has created an oasis out of sand for the discerning global traveler. It is a city of decadence, of luxury, a Middle Eastern city that prides itself on its ability to provide excellence in every international arena.

Armani Luxury hotel dubai bedroom

Armani Luxury hotel Dubai bedroom ©Antonio Cuellar 2014

As a centerpiece of Dubai, this new world capital, stands Burj Khalifa, an 830-meter tall tower that dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline with its modern design and awe-inspiring modern beauty. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest artificial structure in the world and stands as an amazing centerpiece to an area which is Downtown Dubai, also known as the world’s most prestigious square kilometer.
Located within this iconic skyscraper is the Armani luxury Hotel Dubai. This hotel is one that takes the guest on a journey of unprecedented luxury and sophistication from the moment they arrive and luxury hotel photographer Antonio Cuellar has captured the essence of this journey through the lens of his camera. It is a world of sophisticated beauty as is befitting of Armani and Antonio allows the viewer to experience a glimpse of this world of luxurious hospitality.

Armani Luxury hotel dubai suite 1

Suite ©Antonio Cuellar 2014

The location of the Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai is indicative of the unique experience that awaits all guests who are lucky enough to enjoy the accommodation and facilities offered here. The name Armani has always been synonymous with a sophisticated design and style. The Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai was to be the first hotel designed by Georgio Armani, in collaboration with leading property developer Emaar Properties. This collaboration has resulted in a hotel where style meets luxury and sophistication meets comfort. In every element of design, the hotel remains unique with the Armani flair. When Armani conceived the idea of the Armani Luxury Hotel collection he envisaged properties where he would entertain his family and friends. He wanted hotels that embodied beauty, elegance, and grace whilst defining superior service, immaculate design and incomparable luxury. When one sees the Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai it is immediately evident that his vision of luxurious beauty was achieved with this, his first hotel.

Armani Luxury hotel dubai bathroom

bathroom ©Antonio Cuellar 2014

Luxury hotels need to offer more than just luxurious hotel accommodation. They need to offer guests a truly unique experience that stays with them long after check out has been completed. This is where the Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai epitomizes the true meaning of luxury. Your stay is a journey and a celebration of every one of your senses. The Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai offers 160 rooms and suites designed with an understated elegance that also ensures comfort goes hand in hand with luxury. The hotel also offers a multi-award winning dining experience, a luxurious Spa & Gym experience, exclusive Armani shopping experiences within the hotel and on every floor and from every outlook the guest is spoiled with some of the most spectacular views in the modern world.
Since its opening in 2010, the Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai has won countless awards as is befitting of a truly spectacular hotel. In late 2014 the Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai received again the coveted award from the World Travel Awards of the ‘World’s Leading Landmark Hotel’. Recently it received for the third consecutive year the title of the world’s best “Italian Restaurant” by the Time Out Restaurant Awards. The Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai encompasses excellence in every service that it offers its very valued guests.

Armani Luxury hotel dubai architecture

architecture ©Antonio Cuellar 2014

The Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai promises a home away from home approach with its 160 rooms and suites that embody the ‘Stay with Armani’ philosophy. Rooms range from the Armani deluxe room to the Armani Dubai suite. These rooms provide the guests with their own private world where their comfort is ensured with world-class style and sophistication. All rooms come equipped with amenities that are designed by Georgio Armani. There is a dedicated butler station in each room which includes a fully stocked private bar along with individual coffee machines.
Georgio Armani was so definite about the experience that he wanted to provide guests that he created his signature lifestyle concept. This unique hospitality concept encourages guests to spend quality time with family and friends, to communicate and entertain with business associates and at all times to experience the finest of service. At the end of the phone for every guest is a signature Armani Luxury Hotel Lifestyle Manager who is there to assist the guest with whatever their heart desires 24 hours a day.

Armani Luxury hotel dubai spa

spa ©Antonio Cuellar

As mentioned above the dining experiences at the Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai have been recognized and awarded a countless number of accolades since its opening. There are 7 different dining options with the addition of in-room dining so it would be almost impossible to not try a new cuisine or flavor with every meal during your stay. The Armani Lounge is located in the heart of the hotel and offers a chance for relaxation and a light meal anytime during the day.
The Armani Mediterraneo, the Armani Ristorante, the Armani Amal & the Armani Hashi offer Mediterranean, Italian, Indian & Japanese cuisines in the most exquisite of surrounds. Also on offer is the Armani Deli offering changing contemporary flavors and the Armani Prive where the exclusive private lounge of Milan comes to downtown Dubai at the Armani Luxury Hotel. Every moment the guest is to experience, be it within the hotel corridors or savoring some of the international cuisines on offer is meant to embody Georgio Armani’s very personal and innovative approach to hospitality. His approach was inspired by the experience he wanted his guests to share; that of staying and dining with Georgio Armani himself.

Armani Luxury hotel dubai exterior

Exterior Burj Khalifa ©Antonio Cuellar

The experience at the Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai extends beyond that of its sophisticated guest rooms and dining experiences that are so varied they are guaranteed to please every palette. The beautiful Spa and Gym also embraces Armani’s philosophy that of providing beautiful spaces along with outstanding services for the guest. The Spa offers the guest a truly sensory experience that can be personally tailored to suit their requirements.
Before you even venture into the extravagance of the Dubai Mall there is a much more personal retail experience to be had at the Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai. Three different outlets offer the guest the chance to partake in the sweet, the beautiful and the timeless designs and offerings of Armani. The three shops are open daily until 10 pm ensuring that as a guest you can access what you need throughout your stay.
The Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai from the outside is nothing short of spectacular. It is a marvel of modern engineering combined with truly inspiring design. On the inside, the hotel itself is a celebration of sophistication combined with the most luxurious of hospitality. Antonio Cuellar excels in Luxury Hotel Photography because he is able to offer his viewers a taste of luxury so exquisite that they too can enjoy what these hotels have to offer.

Armani Luxury hotel dubai suite 2

Suite ©Antonio Cuellar

Georgio Armani once said, “I love things that age well – things that don’t date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best.” It would seem apparent that Georgio Armani has put so much of what he loves into the Armani Luxury Hotel Dubai.


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