Social Media Marketing Strategy For Hotels

From tags to likes, tweets, and many more, it is obvious that social networks for hotels is a completely different ecosystem. And they can also seem intimidating. But once you get a hang of how things work there, it will turn to a potential tool in your hand. With the right social media marketing strategy for hotels, it can help strengthen online reputation and increase bookings.

Without any doubt, social media is an effective, versatile, and indispensable marketing channel every hotel should explore. You will need to put the several social media platforms into work to help you generate more quality leads.

In this post, we will be highlighting some tips to help every hotel benefits from social media and examples of some hotels that have already done this.

Social Media Marketing Strategy For Hotels; The Best 5 Tips With Examples

#1: Promote an abundant source of positive opinions

One popular hotel that has explored this tip so much is the Huis Koning B&B Hotel. Huis is an award-winning hotel run by a family. This hotel has excellently utilized its Facebook page so much that it is evident to all how brilliant a hotel they are. Their page signifies a brilliant assessment of guest satisfaction of 5 stars.

Getting to their page, you will be welcomed by the stream of effusive opinions from their satisfied guests.

Guest comments inspire confidence in the B&B and promise a high-quality hotel experience. By showcasing a community of brand ambassadors and turning their Facebook page into a perfect source of excellent opinions. Huis Koning has also made it much easier to find its page.


#2: Tweet Fresh Local Content

Twitter is no doubt one of the social media channels every hotelier can explore to make a huge success. More and more people are beginning to recognize its role in social media marketing strategy for hotels. One hotel that has also used this channel brilliantly well is Hotel Cedar Manor located in the United Kingdom.

This trivago award-winning hotel has thought many other hotels how helpful Twitter can be to their marketing. It has thought hotels how periodic they need to post on their Twitter page. What content they should post. And what hashtags and labels they need to use for their posts.

One important thing this hotel does with its Twitter page is this. They take advantage of local events and campaigns to increase the presence and recognition of their brand on social media. That way, travelers who are looking for a unique local experience as one of the reasons for their stay in a hotel, are patronizing them the more.

#3: Generate Direct Booking Through Facebook

The Facebook page of the trivago award winner, Rosewood Mayakoba is much more than just a marketing channel. It has turned into a channel where people can easily make direct bookings using the “Book” button.

When travelers land on their page and like what they see, they simply book right away. They don’t have to search their official website or a third party site again before making a booking or reservations. Instead, they simply use the Reserve button conveniently located at the top of the Rosewood Mayakoba page to book and make reservations.


#4: Share Lovely Photos Of Guests On Instagram

The visual marketing content of a hotel has now become increasingly important. They are not only great for SEO but also have cum appeal to potential guests. And that is one thing UNA Hotel has deliberately taken advantage of. They source amazing photos of their guests from Instagram.

The hotel created a hashtag for its guests to use to share their Instagram-worthy experiences as its properties. That is indeed a smart social media marketing strategy for hotels.

All the photos they got with the hashtag appear in a live feed on the hotel’s Facebook Page. This automatically leads to an auto-piloted crowd-sourcing library of stunning free photos that help sell the hotel to potential guests. And of course, it does that big!

You can take advantage of this too. Come up with a unique hashtag to encourage your guests to share their photos with you.


#5: Introducing The Staff

This is a strategy being used by the Radisson Country Inn & Suites. This hotel continually uses his Instagram page to showcase both the front-of-front and behind-the-scenes of the hotel. Radisson introduces its happy staff showing that the hotel can be a great source of personal and peer-to-peer accommodation.

The brand effectively promotes itself on social media by showcasing its happy staff. It shows its staff diversity and shared dedication to ensuring exceptional hospitality. The hotel always recognizes the hardworking people behind its excellence over the years. We are not the only one that applauds this. Even their guests appreciate it.



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