Architectural photography lighting

Architectural photography lighting

I have been getting lots of email regarding my lighting techniques and i thought I’d post a quick explanation on architectural photography lighting. One of the first challenges, as you can see from the first image, is to overcome the craziness from white balance. First step in architectural photography lighting and compositing is to avoid using auto white balance. This is crucial as white balance might change at will on camera as you adapt to  certain lighting scenarios within the same image. A light meter is not required but highly recommended Seconic Prodigi C-500 In case you don’t have one you should find out what type of output your lighting gear produce as far as white balance. I, for example use Broncolor strobes that I know produce an output of 5500K. Broncolor When combining the strobe with my lowel dP’s a 1/2 CTO gel is a must in order to warm the strobe down about 1000K and come to a happy medium between daylight and tungsten from the Lowel DP output. Please see second image. My target white balance in architectural photography lighting is always the output of my main light (strobe) at about 4500k.  I

know that a this white balance setting the tungsten light will look super warm but I have found that this looks really nice when lighting interiors with a lot of wood. The first image you will see in this Architectural photography lighting tutorial is the plain image with no lighting. The second example only the strobe. and the third is the combination of strobe and tungsten lighting and the result composite. I would always advise to discuss Architectural photography lighting techniques with your client as lighting from the image may vary from the actual lighting from the location. I find most clients want the place to look the best and don’t even notice the lighting unless we show them the before and after.

Please email me with any other questions.

architectural photography lighting

architectural photography lighting

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