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Architectural Photographer and TS lenses

I have been an architectural photographer for over ten years. Most of my work requires photographing the interiors of the hotel and its architecture. Naturally, tilt/shift lenses are my go-to lenses for this aspect of my photography. The Canon 24mm TS and the canon 17mm TS are absolutely fantastic lenses with minimal barrel distortion and fringing. Before I moved to the Hasselblad system I used the canon 24mm TS 80% of the time.

If you are familiar with the field you will know that an architectural photographer will level the camera and then use the shift feature otherwise tilting the camera up or down will absolutely destroy perspective. This video explains this i

I am not sure why Vincent is not using the built-in level of the camera, as most architectural photographers would, to verify that the camera is fully leveled and eliminate guesswork.

What this video also explains in detail are the less obvious functions and features of this lens. He gives out tips on how to provide a sharp focusing plane and incredible ideas such as the miniature effect and stitching.


The great thing about using this lens for stitching is the fact that no area of the photograph is lost and minimal distortion is used as well. Basically, the camera is left in place, instead of moving it left and right, and the shift function is used. This is extremely beneficial for wide-angle panoramas where distortion is at its maximum. Not sure how much more explaining is needed.

If you visit Vincent’s website you will be amazed a for how well he employs the tilt function to create what he calls the miniature effect. These are very cool landscapes in mayor cities. I highly encourage you to visit his website.

If you wish to improve the lighting skills feel free to read my Architectural photographer lighting tips


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