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An amazing project containing photography without photoshop

It is not very common these to find a project that focuses on photography without photoshop. This is a very interesting project created by photographer Jade Beall. She created a site populated with images of unaltered portraits of mothers around the world. The site is a collaboration of multiple professional photographers who were asked to submit photography without photoshop.

In her own words “So many women feel alone and unsupported as they deal with their bodies changing, going through pregnancy, post-partum, miscarriages, eating disorders, depression, weight gain, weight loss, cancer, illness, and accidents,” This is a great way of spreading that support and letting them know they are not alone.

Visit this site to support this amazing project & watch inspiring video from Jade Beall about launching the first digital newspaper-style website for women with at least one female photojournalist in every major city in the world documenting inspiring stories about women’s collective experiences with birth, breastfeeding, stretchmarks, living with cancer, miscarriages, postpartum and beyond in order to build healthy self-esteem in people around the world.

For other amazing projects featuring woman please read the blog on the book of wonderland, where women are celebrated in a different way and the use of photoshop is very predominant.


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