Perfect photography composition

Perfect photography composition

Posted By: admin April 1, 2015

Perfect photography composition

This week’s Perfect photography composition tips are brought to you courtesy of weekly Imogen. I believe they do a good job of explaining these 6 tips.

  • The first tip for a perfect photography composition when shooting portraits are to make sure the eyes are in the top third of the picture. This draws the eyes to the images while allowing flow.
  • Use frames to attract attentions to the subject. Things such as doors and arches a very popular.
    Fill the image with the person. The image becomes very intimate.
  • Distracting backgrounds could be a problem because of distraction but when used in conjunction with the lower depth of field images tend to pop up.
  • Another tip for perfect photography composition is to use lines such as diagonals and perspective to lead the eye back to the subject.
  • Changing your angles gives you a better perspective and allows you to discover the perfect photography composition for your portrait.

Please note that throughout the video the photographer uses a prime 50mm lens. Most of my hotel interiors photography is done with a 24mm prime lens. Prime lenses are lenses without a zoom that force you to move around in search for perfect composition and therefore makes you a better photographer. These are some of the many advantages.

  • It is great for low light photography as most of them have a wide aperture.
  • Great value and low cost as most of the major brands have a basic lens like this under $300
  • Very light weight and great for traveling.
  • They produce a killer bokeh when used at wider apertures. A killer bokeh with perfect photography composition makes a winning image.
  • Most of them are super sharp

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  1. felix Turbai says:

    very nice

  2. Phia says:

    Thank you for these tips!

    1. admin says:

      Your Welcome Phia. I will be happy to answer any question you may have in the future about photography composition.

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