10 Hotel Room Design Concepts to Wow Your Guests

There are a couple of things that make people want to visit a hotel apart from the comfy beds and exceptional cleaning service that clean up after them. If you want to wow your visitors and make them keep coming back, you may need to add some sauce to your design. Step up your game with your hotel room design concepts and you will be surprised how well your visitors will give good reports about your facility.

In this post are 10 hotel room design concepts that can help you become a talk of the town and a go-to place for everyone.

Hotel Room Design Concepts You Should Incorporate Into Your Hotel Room Design

#1: Include a Lounge Area in Your Rooms

Have you ever think of having a lounge or sitting area in your hotel rooms? That will provide a perfect place for your guests to sit and relax without having to use the bed. A lounge area will be a perfect spot for them to relax, read, or enjoy their morning tea. You don’t have to bother too much about what this will look like. Just a simple and comfy chair or a cozy couch with a small table will do the job.

#2: Put a Wrap-Around Headboard to Define Sleeping Space

This is also a great hotel room design you can try in your hotel. If you are looking for an effective way to define the room’s sleeping space, try a wrap-around headboard. It will also add color and texture to the room. This means you will be achieving many goals in one. A wrap-around headboard will definitely make a unique design detail in your hotel room.

#3: Put You Bed on a Platform

If your hotel has big-enough rooms, you can use this hotel room design concepts to separate the living areas from the sleeping area. Raise your bed by putting it on a platform to create a whole new and unique feel in the room. Your visitors will definitely love how this turns out.

#4: Place Your Bed at the Center of the Room with a Desk behind It

This concept is often used in hotels with a small space but still want to make an impression. Don’t let the size of the room stop you from adding a desk in the room. Add a slight tweak to your hotel room arrangement by putting your bed in the middle of the room. Then attach a desk at the back of the bed. 1

#5: Paint a Mural on the Wall behind the Bed

This usually adds a great taste and beauty to hotel rooms. Let professionals come in to draw beautiful and nicely done mural painting on the wall. This is a great way to make your visitors see the room as more personalized. They will leave a satisfactory comment after spending a night in such a personalized environment.

#6: Add a Bench at the End of the Bed

It’s a trend in hotels to have benches in the room for their guests. It’s a space for the guests to put their luggage on for the little time they will spend. Adding this to your hotel will provide your guests with a convenient way to keep things easily at hand in your hotel. They will enjoy sitting on it to put on their shoes in the morning.

#7: Create an Illusion of a Floating Bed

How will you feel if you enter a hotel room to find the bed floating? Intrigued, right? You can create the same effect in your hotel room. Add light underneath your bed to create the illusion of a floating bed. Many modern hotels are using this hotel room design concepts, so why won’t you?

#8: Add a Small Writing Desk in the Room

Inspiration strikes any time, and your guests will thank you make provisions for them to jot down their best ideas. Make your hotel room ready for those unique moments. So provide a small writing desk somewhere in the room.

#9: Include a Fold-Down Bedside Table

This is another perfect hotel room design concept for a hotel with a small space. A fold-down bedside table will create a convenient spot for your guests to keep a glass of water during the day. And also a place to keep a book throughout the night. It doesn’t take up any space because you can simply fold it up beside the bed while you still have a clean design.

#10: Add Elements of Comfort

You can take things a step further by adding elements of comfort to your room design. Add things like extra blankets, sheep skins, and piles of pillows to give your guest a warm welcome. These materials add coziness, texture, and warmth, and you can tweak them to march the taste of the season.


Final Thought

Having top-notch hotel room design concepts installed in your hotel is a great way to put your hotel ahead of the competition. Make your guests fall in love with your hotel. Let them give you wonderful reviews that will put you ahead of others. Any time you feel like doing some new things to spice up your hotel design, consider these 10 hotel room design concepts.

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