The Canon 5Ds camera

The New Canon 5Ds camera

Sounds like Hasselblad and Phase one manufactures are in a little bit of trouble now that Canon has released this 50 mpx camera named the Canon 5Ds camera. I currently own a couple of Hasselblad cameras and have owned phase one backs in the past. I was forced to move forward with the purchase when I had no other option for high-resolution images.

Don’t get me wrong medium format cameras are superior in quality because of their 16-bit color range and larger their pixel size makes them superior cameras. However, when faced with the decision of having to invest $36,000.00 for an H5D 50 vs $ $3,600.00 for a Canon 5Ds photographers are going to be very discouraged from going the medium format rout.

I can definitely predict a rapid price adjustment from medium format camera manufacturers. Not sure they can survive at this price point when you can get a very comparable alternative at exactly 1/10 of the price. Not only is the price of a body ridiculously high but all the lenses and accessories such as batteries, straps are also bank breakers.

The canon camera also incorporates technologies available in Phase one cameras but not in Hasselblad such as the availability of shooting smaller files when there is no need for ultra high resolution.

I believe this camera will definitely shatter any plans of Hasselblad being a big player in the high-end wedding market. These plans where clear when they decided to move to switch their CCD sensor to a CMOS sensor. I believe in competition and if nothing else this will force medium format cameras to come down in price or offer new services as perks.

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