Everyone loves to stay at a hotel because it is always fun. From the beautiful hotel room design to the super comfy beds, and the cleaners who are always available to clean after you, spending some time in a nice hotel is totally worth it.

However, how does this translate for hotel owners? It means if you are not providing enough quality in your design and organization as it is in other hotels, you will definitely be losing customers to your competitors.

The design of your rooms is very important to make sure your customers are fully satisfied after spending a night with you. But what do you do in situations where you have small rooms and not much can be done with the design?

In this post, I will be sharing some useful tips with you on some hotel room design ideas you can implement to bring your small hotel rooms to life. So let’s go!


Simple Hotel Room Design Ideas for Small Hotel Rooms
#1: Use Light Color Palette

One of the most important elements for any room is color. For your small hotel room, use light colors to make the room appear a bit bigger than its normal size. Use light colors on the wall, floor, and on your fridge.

Light colors in the room make the space feels open and airy which helps maximize the fact created by natural lights and so makes it look bigger and brighter. Dark colors, on the other hand, tend to absorb light and so making a room look smaller. So when choosing colors for your small hotel room, go for light colors. Choose colors like white, light grey, neutrals, and cool colors like blue and green – but in a very light tone. This will make your hotel room light, fresh, and bigger.

#2: Magnify Your Space With Mirrors

One thing mirrors do to a small room is to create an illusion that the room is bigger than it is. So when looking to have a nice hotel room design for your small hotel rooms, consider using mirrors to maximize the space.

There are several ways to place a mirror in your small hotel room. You can get a body-length mirror and lean it up at the wall or cover an entire wall with a modern mirror. You can also cover the sliding door of your closet with a mirror. Also including some mirror-covered furniture in the room is a clever way to reflect natural light and make the room bigger.

However, in a situation where you will be using more than one mirror, be sure you are not using mirrors with overloaded or detailed frames. Remember that in the smallest spaces, clean lines are the best choice.

#3: Push Your Bed Against A Corner

The common idea in hotel room design is to have your bed position at the center of the wall with nightstands at either side of the bed. But in the case of a small room, it is recommended you push your bed to a corner with just one nightstand at the side. This will allow you to maximize the floor space and also allow more space for your furniture and comfortable walk around.

#4: Use Your Walls

The space in your room is divided into three and your wall is taking a large part of it. That means you have enough space at your disposal to incorporate some pieces like a bookshelf and a wall mounting desk.

Take advantage of your wide space, install some of your furniture on the wall. This gives the illusion of a bigger room. In a small hotel bedroom, it is important you make your walls work every time.

#5: Be Creative With Hidden Storage

In other to maximize the space in your small hotel bedroom, you need to get creative with your storage. Use under-bed storage or a stash out box for storage. You can also use a mirror with hidden storage. Surely, your customers will love it and will credit you for such a nice hotel room design.

#6: Use Multifunctional And Light Furniture

In a small bedroom, using smart and multifunctional small pieces is essential to maximize every inch you’ve got. Look for multiple uses in your furniture. For example, the same ornament you provide for sitting at the makeup mirror stand can also be built with hidden storage. There are lots of multifunctional furniture like that which can make your small hotel room less cluttered. Remember that in a small space, everything needs to work.

#7: Use High Curtains

Just as furniture that extend up to the ceiling can visually open up space, therefore giving the illusion of a more spacious room, curtains also do the same. Use high curtains on the windows. Curtains make a small room look bigger when you mount a curtain role close to the ceiling instead of at a window frame.

Bottom Line

Having a small hotel bedroom doesn’t mean your hotel room design has to be in shambles. Implement the above-mentioned ideas and give your visitors the best experience they could ever get in a hotel. Remember, in a small room, everything needs to work!