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Essential Tips for Creating Engaging Videos for Your Hotel

Hotel video is becoming increasingly common today. This is because they have proved to be an effective marketing tool every hotel needs to incorporate. Creating the right video can make a tremendous difference in your marketing. It can greatly boost your sales and raise your profile in the hotel industry.

Whether you are letting people know about your new facility or announcing a special offer or improvement, video is the perfect medium. However, when creating videos for your hotel, you are not just making videos but professional, engaging videos.

In this post, I will be showing you some essential tips to help you create the most engaging hotel video to help set your business up for success. But before we go there, let’s see some reasons you need engaging hotel videos in the first place.


Why is a Professional and Engaging Hotel Video Important?

Compared to other medium of publicity, videos have now taken the leading role across a wide range of industries. Everyone is now doing videos for their business because they know how effective a tool it can be. That means if you are going to be producing videos for your hotel too, you need to make them engaging and appealing. You need to highlight what strong points or facilities make your hotel stand out from the competitors.

A hotel video is a perfect means to help potential guests explore and experience your hotel at forehand, so you wouldn’t want to blow that opportunity with low-quality videos. Don’t forget that a good hotel video makes a tremendous impact on your sales. So give it your best shot.

Now, let’s see some crucial factors to put into consideration when making your hotel videos. You can also check out earlier posts on Luxury Hotel video production to learn one or two things about hotel video creation.


Tips for Creating Engaging Hotel Video

#1: Decide On Your Purpose

Before you even start off with making a hotel video, you need to know the major reason you are creating the video. Just like any video in the corporate world, hotel videos can also be portrayed in several ways. It could be a video created to build brand awareness, sell rooms, demonstrate a new service, or let the guest have a feel of what the property is like.

You can decide to do a 360o video to showcase a room. You can do a timelapse, demonstrations, testimonials, or a tour-type of videos. There are just too many options to explore here. So before creating your hotel video, make sure you know the goal for the particular video. Knowing the purpose of the video will also help you determine how long it will be.

#2: Go For Quality

When creating an engaging hotel video, you need to go for nothing but the best quality. Remember your video is most times, the first impression your potential guest has about your hotel. So it is vital you have a video that is well polished, representing your hotel in the best way. This is definitely not the time to cut corners.

As much as you need to create a good video, you also need to make sure the video sounds good. So get a quality music track to use and don’t be tempted to settle for less. However, remember to stay away from copyright infringement, so don’t use any music without first having a license to do so.

#3: Wow Your Audience with A Great Intro

Not every viewer has the luxury of time to watch hotel videos. But you need to create a way to make them want to watch your video – making a great introduction. Having a brief intro is a powerful tool to help capture the attention of your viewers right from the very first second of the video.

However, make sure you keep the intro short and direct. It should tell your viewers what they need to know about the hotel while also setting a good tone for the rest of the content.

Are you looking to grab your visitor’s attention on your website’s homepage? Perhaps you should incorporate an intro video on the homepage.

#4: You Don’t Have To Shoot Everything

There should be some particular parts of your hotel to film, you don’t have to shoot everything. Focus on the parts you think your guests will likely be most interested in.

Capture the guest rooms/suites as well as common areas – those are areas that are great for a showoff. Then move to the spa/pool area and the gym. If your hotel is located in a particular beneficial area such as a beautiful landscape or city center, you may consider including that in your hotel video. But remember to keep things simple and short unless you want to bore down the viewers.

#5: Lighting is Very Important

Lighting is everything and you need to do all you can to make sure your shots are done with adequate light. Some areas in your hotel, such as the soothing low-level lighting in your guest rooms will need enough light to capture a good shot. So invest in one.

There are no two ways around this, proper lighting will help your hotel video come out professional and engaging, helping to portray your hotel facilities in a visually pleasing way.

#6: Include Useful Information

As much as possible, include every detail you think will entice your audience. Do you have your hotel located close to a popular tourist destination? Is it in a beautiful landscape? Is it near a lake or an airport? Do you offer helpful services like a chauffeur or free delivery in your hotel? Let your hotel video showcase all of these!

Bottom Line

A hotel video should contain useful information and appealing visuals of your hotel and its location. After the shots, dedicate some time to editing and come out with a professional video that will make your audience longing to see more, and so eventually make them want to visit your hotel. There are countries where the competition for rooms are fierce, such as hotels in the USA, having additional content is key.

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