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Antonio Cuellar has earned an international reputation as an architecture photographer in New York City. He is now well renowned in this highly specialized field.

What is architectural photography?

Architectural photography is the art of taking photographs of architecture. The term architecture basically encompasses any structure that has been made by man. Architectural photography is a type of photography that incorporates all visual elements of a structure. It is quite standard for an assignment to include photographing the interior area of a structure. An architect photographer is someone who has an in-depth understanding of photography. Architect photographers need to be able to take photographs of buildings and man-made structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and an accurate portrayal of their subjects.

The secrets of successful architecture photography in New York:

Architectural photography is a field of photography that involves extensive experience to understand different architectural styles, depth of field, proportion, light and creativity. Architectural photography can include buildings that range from the skyscrapers of Brooklyn or Manhattan New York to historically significant buildings in the ancient city of Rome.

As no two structures are alike, each architectural photography assignment will have its challenges when it comes to lighting, size, scope and dimensions. The exterior of a building will be very different from its interior area. To be successful in the field of architectural photography, one needs to be skilled in the use of many specialized techniques and pieces of equipment.

As part of any photographer architectural assignment, a new york city photographer architecture needs to be able to understand how the client will use the final photographs. They need this understanding so that they can capture the essence of an individual structure. Antonio Cuellar knows how to deliver stunning new york city architectural images while overcoming the inherent challenges of this complex photographic field.

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